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Clerk: Celia Bates
3 The Square, Newton Harcourt

Tel: 07505 147592

Reading Room

Amazing turn of events at the Reading Room, as described below by Julie Guiver:

In order to make some room in the Reading Room store, it was suggested that the old band chairs were taken to the tip or left on the front so that people could help themselves. I suggested we advertise them on EBay and that even if we only got £10, it meant we wouldn't have to load up our own cars to dispose of them. However, once I saw them I could see that although they were in need of renovation, they were of a mid-century style that is quite fashionable again. I photographed them, warts-and-all, but noticed that some had labels underneath - Kandya - and a registered design number. Further research showed restored single chairs selling for over £300 each and we had 19! Bidding began at £20 and within hours, someone privately messaged with an offer of £720 for the lot. The committee decided to let the auction run to the end and take our chances. Thank goodness we did! The successful bidder, at the close, paid £1042.82. We are just waiting for funds to clear and auction costs to be taken off but we will have about £900 to put towards the new kitchen!

Posted: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 12:49 by Celia Bates

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